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Reasons to Never Pass on Prioritizing Clean Gutters

Reasons to Never Pass on Prioritizing Clean Gutters

Fall has arrived, and when leaves and other debris start to fall you want to make sure you have clean gutters. If you have several trees around your home, it is especially important to clear out your gutters before leaves accumulate. At Shine Select, we know that you have a lot on your to-do list when it comes to maintaining your home. However, having your gutters cleaned should be a top priority. Here’s why you should never skip it.

The Threat of Water Damage

Water damage in and around your home can cause serious problems. Just like doctors recommend routine check-ups before larger health issues arise, your home needs routine attention to ensure bigger, more expensive problems don’t creep up on you later. Unfortunately, water damage is one of those big, expensive problems. When water runs over your gutters, it can enter your home and impact floors, your home’s foundation, windows, siding and more. Clean gutters will stop these obstacles in their tracks!

Interior and Exterior Problems

You might think a little extra water might not cause too much harm, but you would be surprised how quickly water problems can affect both the indoor and outdoor spaces around your home. Did you know your basement can flood without clean gutters? Standing water in your gutters can weigh them down and can cause cracks, letting the water enter your walls. Outside, water from clogged gutters can put cracks in your driveway and ruin your landscaping. Your roof will also weaken faster, which can be very expensive to fix, and if your insulation becomes wet the water can drip into your home.

Keep Pests and Mold Away!

Without clean gutters, standing water can build up and attract lots of unwelcome critters. In the Northern Virginia area, this can draw mosquitoes and termites. Standing water from dirty gutters can even affect the health of you and your family members. If the problem is not addressed, mold accrual and mildew can increase bacterial growth and worsen allergies. Having clean gutters is vital to a happy and healthy home environment.

Need Clean Gutters? Shine Select Can Help

Shine Select takes the stress out of gutter cleaning. We show up, clean all the debris and make sure to eliminate any blockages. Before we leave, we test gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re working as intended once again. If you discover any issues after our departure, we’ll head back and make it right for no extra charge!

Shine Select is a local family owned business that specializes in roof, window, and exterior cleaning. Our service area is Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. The company started as a part-time venture, and after experiencing steady growth through providing outstanding customer service, Shine Select became a full-time business. We have the right equipment, products, and experience to guarantee a 100 % satisfaction with every cleaning project. It is our mission to provide quality service to every client, every time.