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House Washing

House WashingEvery house needs professional maintenance at times to keep the best appearance. Shine Select is proud to be serving the DMV area with house washing solutions that enhance the image and quality to a whole new level. 

House Infestation 
Does your house have green algae, black spots or discoloration on the exterior of it? That is a combination of microorganisms like algae, bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew that grow on your house exterior. The modern climate and the humid weather at times create the perfect conditions for these organisms to grow. Your house becomes a recipient of infestation. 

How should it be cleaned? 
Pressure washing of your house exterior can remove the top layer of bacteria but not the underlying bacteria below the surface. It also carries big risk of damaging your surface, and even if the damage is not obvious, it can strip a small portion of the material on your exterior. Your house is a big asset, and there should be no risk of damage when you’re getting it cleaned.  
Our Soft washing method uses low pressure application of custom made eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals. The mix is made specially for the type of siding or surface and the soiling level. Then the solutions are left to dwell, and all the organic growth and dirt will be able to be simply rinse down with low pressure water. The result will be transformative without any risk of damage to your house exterior. 

Our house washing includes 
•    Vinyl
•    Aluminum Siding 
•    Stucco
•    Wood 
•    Brick 

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