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Concrete Cleaning

Concrete CleaningEvery part of your property influences your overall house appearance, but your concrete and hardscapes are primary factors of it.  Picture your house, anytime you’re walking to the entrance or going out the house the first thing that you come in contact is with hardscape surfaces. Since these surfaces get so much traffic, it makes sense why it is so easy for them to lose quality. That includes: 
•    Car oil or grease
•    Dirt and grit
•    Stains

If your hardscapes are not well taken care of, your home will have decreased curb appeal and even lower property value. That is when you can count on Shine Select to come over and take care of your property. 

Cleaning Stains 
We believe in the in the best equipment. That’s why we have a high level pressure washing system that has enough pressure to clean the deep stains. We also use specialized surface cleaning tools that help us achieve more balanced, smooth and through results. Depending on the stain we also use environmentally friendly cleaners that are powerful enough to clean stains that won’t come off with just pressure washing. All of that in the hands of trained and experienced technicians. 
Our cleaning includes: 
•    concrete
•    brick
•    stone driveway
•    sidewalk
•    patio
•    pool deck