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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter CleaningFunctional gutters play a critical role in keeping our homes safe and free from harm.  We have plenty of shade to enjoy in Northern Virginia, but that shade can come at a cost when our gutters start getting clogged with debris. 

If you delay your gutter cleaning, you may end up running into any of the following issues:

Roof Damage

Clogged gutters keep rainfall from making its way through the downspout to properly drain. When this takes place, all that water still has to go somewhere! This creates a major risk for overflowing gutters, which often lead to leaky roofs and water damage inside and outside the home. 

Foundation Damage

Gutters are strategically placed to redirect water away from our homes to areas of our yards that can easily absorb the extra dampness. When gutters start to get clogged, there’s no telling where that water will end up traveling instead. In addition to roof damage, there is also the risk that the water will start dripping downward until it ultimately makes its way into the basement. That’s a recipe for mold, rotting and expensive repairs. 


When gutters are clogged, standing water starts accumulating as a natural result. In Northern Virginia, that means mosquitoes and termites will be on their way shortly after. We can eliminate that moisture and help keep those pests away from your home. 

Landscaping Damage

Unpredictable leaking can cause water to be redirected sporadically throughout your yard. This can easily lead to oversaturation of your garden. 

How Often is Gutter Cleaning Necessary in Northern Virginia?  

How often you decide to schedule a gutter cleaning should really be centered around the number of trees in your yard. If you have a moderate amount of trees, two cleanings per year should do the trick. That way, you can make sure you take care of it around the time you knock out your spring cleaning, and then again after the leaves fall in the autumn. If your home is densely surrounded with trees, you many need to clean your gutters as often as every three months. 

Why Choose Shine Select for Your Northern Virginia Gutter Cleaning?

Shine Select takes the stress out of gutter cleaning. We show up, swiftly collect all the debris and make sure to eliminate any blockages. That debris will be stored in bags that we take with us once the job is done, leaving your gutters and your lawn looking spotless!

Before we leave, we test gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re working as intended once again. If you discover any issues after our departure, we’ll head back and make it right for no extra charge!