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House Washing

House WashingEvery so often, professional maintenance is needed to restore our homes to their original beauty. Shine Select is proud to be the preferred power washing company for homeowners in Northern Virginia! 

When is it Time to Schedule a House Washing for Your Northern Virginia Home?

If your Northern Virginia home has any combination of black spots, green algae-like growth or discoloration, it is time for a power washing. Most likely, those substances are mildew, algae, bacteria, mold, or a mixture of each! 

When the conditions are right for any of these substances to grow, which they often are here in Virginia, they absolutely will continue to do so. In the short term, that means homeowners have to deal with infestations. In the long term, your home and siding can easily become damaged and weathered. Routine professional house washing can prevent this damage before it impacts your home.

How Should a Home Power Washing Be Completed?

We always implement a Soft Washing method when performing house washings. The high pressure of standard power washing can remove the top layer of dirt and bacteria from a home, but the issue is that it can remove the top of the surface itself as well. This damage may not be evident at first, but the risk is still there, nevertheless. 

Our Soft Wash method bypasses this risk by using a careful combination of eco-friendly cleaners at a lower pressure than most standard professional power washers. The end results? A house washing that offers a squeaky-clean home exterior without any chance of damage to your property. 

When completing a house washing, we implement specific Soft Power Washing methods for:
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum Siding 
  • Stucco
  • Wood 
  • Brick 

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