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Roof Cleaning

Roof CleaningA roof is one of the most expensive investments in a property. It becomes very noticeable when there are black streaks, algae and mold on your roof. Those are signs of infestation of organisms growing on the roof. These organisms are feeding on the roofing material and are slowly eating the life of your roof.

How a roof should be cleaned?

Roof should never be pressure washed. It will damage your shingles and void your warranty. We have a revolutionary system that soft washes the roof with low pressure, 100% biodegradable solutions is being applied to your roof with as much pressure as a garden hose. Then solutions kills the mold algae and bacteria leaving your roof clean as new. This is the only method recommended and approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) and will not void your roof warranty.

We clean every roof type
  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Metal
  • Wood Shake
  • Slate/Tile

Gives you back your maximum ROOF LIFE
Disinfects and protects your HEALTH
Restores aesthetics and enhances CURB APPEAL
Saves up to 60% in ENERGY COSTS
Keeps your insurance active and prevents CLAIM DENIALS

You get the most of your ROOF LIFE.
A roof requires a regular maintenance in order to be in good shape. When your roof is cleaned and there are is no infestation your roof stays healthy if you let the black streaks moss and mildew they start feeding of your roof and that shortens its life. Our biodegradable chemical application increases the life of the roof by 50%

Protects your health
Mold, mildew, fungus and algae are part of the Top 10 Allergy Irritants list. When they are left for too long on the roof they can migrate to the roof attic and from there they will interact with your home air quality.

Improves your homes look and curb appeal
Cleaning your roof at a small cost will make a big difference in your house appearance

Saves you up to 60% in energy Expenses
The dark streaks attract the sun more and that will cause hot pockets into the attic space. The hot pockets of air will make your heating and air conditioning system work harder and with less efficiency.

Prevents your insurance policy from termination
Insurance companies consider these infestations serious treats to the roofs wellbeing and if a roof is not maintained they could cancel your insurance policy