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Alexandria, Virginia

Power Washing in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, VA residents know that we deal with all types of weather throughout the year. A rainy spring, humid summer, and at least a few snowstorms in the winter year after year ensure our homes get covered in a noticeable layer of dirt and algae if left unkept. Beneath that layer of grime is the original aesthetic of your home, and it’s our job at Shine Select to help homeowners in Alexandria, VA reveal that beauty once again. When the time comes to restore the exterior appearance of your home, Alexandria residents should trust Shine Select for their house washing and roof cleaning. 

Why Should Alexandria Homeowners Choose Shine Select for House Washing and Roof Cleaning?

Shine Select has extensive experience house washing and roof cleaning throughout the Alexandria, VA area. Our high PSI pressure washers allow us to remove even the most stubborn types of staining. Of course, not all home exterior surfaces can withstand a high-pressure cleaning. For the most delicate areas surrounding a home, we implement a Soft Wash method that allows us to rely on a specific combination of bio-friendly cleaners and low pressure washing to completely lift stains. The Soft Wash method protects shingles throughout roof cleanings and ensures siding and windows are left squeaky clean and undamaged after house washings. When you work with Shine Select, you can also enjoy the peace of mind that your roof’s warranty will not be voided by using unreasonably high pressures. 

Which Surfaces Does Shine Select Clean?

Between our standard house washing and Soft Wash methods, we can ensure the following areas are squeaky clean with no damage whatsoever:

House Washing

•    Vinyl
•    Aluminum Siding 
•    Stucco
•    Wood 
•    Brick 

Roof Cleaning
  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Metal
  • Wood Shake
  • Slate/Tile

When is it Time for a House Washing?

Any sort of new growth on the surface of your home is a sign that you should consider scheduling a house washing. If you notice black spots, green growth or discoloration on the surface of your home, you are likely seeing mildew, algae, bacteria, mold, or a mixture of each. When left to continue spreading, these substances attract pests and wear away at the surfaces of a home. Instead of letting these effects worsen over time, Alexandria, VA residents should make their home shine once again with a house washing.  

When is it Time for a Roof Cleaning?

If you’ve noticed new growth on your home, there’s a good chance it exists on your roof as well. If this growth ends up spreading inside your attic, it could potentially trigger allergy symptoms indoors. 

In Alexandria, VA, the usual time between roof cleanings will mostly depend on:
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Amount of shade surrounding your home
  • Accumulation of debris
  • Accumulation of snow