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Fairfax, Virginia

Power Washing in Fairfax, Virginia

Northern Virginia is a lovely place to live, but the harsh winter, rainy spring and humid summer ensure our homes go through a decent amount of wear and tear year after year. Luckily, the beautiful aesthetic of your home is still there, it’s just hidden under a layer of dirt, algae or maybe even both. When the time comes for a house washing or roof cleaning, Shine Select is the go-to professional in Fairfax, VA. 

Why Should Fairfax Homeowners Choose Shine Select for House Washing and Roof Cleaning?

Shine Select has experience house washing and roof cleaning for residents across Fairfax, VA. For stubborn staining, our power washing methods eliminate even the darkest staining. We understand that not all areas of the home can stand up to high-pressure cleaning, however. If your home could use cleaning on delicate surfaces, we can make sure it gets taken care of without any damage whatsoever. Our Soft Washing method allows us to dial the pressure back and relies instead on a careful selection of bio-friendly cleaners to make stains disappear. This protects windows and siding during a house washing and prevents the risk of voiding your roof’s warranty during a roof cleaning.  

Which Surfaces Does Shine Select Clean?

Between our standard house washing and Soft Wash methods, we can ensure the following areas are squeaky clean with no damage whatsoever:

House Washing: 
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum Siding 
  • Stucco
  • Wood 
  • Brick 
Roof Cleaning: 
  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Metal
  • Wood Shake
  • Slate/Tile

When is it Time for a House Washing?

If your home has a combination of discoloration, algae-like growth or black spots, 
it is time for a power washing. Those substances are most likely mold, algae, bacteria mildew, or a mixture! 

When the conditions are right for these substances to grow, which they often are here in Fairfax, they will continue to do so. In the short term, that means you may have to deal with infestations. In the long term, your home and the areas surrounding it can easily become damaged and weathered. 

When is it Time for a Roof Cleaning?

Any type of new growth on your roof is also a sign that it is time for a roof cleaning. In Fairfax, VA, the main factors that will determine the necessary frequency of roof cleanings are:
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Amount of shade surrounding your home
  • Accumulation of debris
  • Accumulation of snow