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Power Washing in Gainesville, Virginia

If you live in Gainesville, VA or really any mid-Atlantic town, you know that a lot of varying weather conditions are presented throughout the year. No two years are exactly the same, but we can generally expect at least a few harsh snowstorms, a rainy spring, and a humid summer. After enduring such conditions year after year, our homes can start to look like a dirty, worn version of their previous state. Luckily, the shiny aesthetic of your home is still there! It is simply hidden under a pesky layer of dirt, algae or maybe even both. When the time comes to reveal that original aesthetic once again with a house washing or roof cleaning, Shine Select is the go-to team of professionals in Gainesville, VA. 

Why Should Gainesville Homeowners Choose Shine Select for House Washing and Roof Cleaning?

Shine Select has extensive experience house washing and roof cleaning for clients throughout Prince William County. Naturally, that means we’ve encountered a lot of tough staining. Our power washing methods safely eliminate it in just one visit from the team. While many other power washing companies rely solely on high pressure washing to blast stains away, we realize that simply won’t work on more delicate areas of the home. If your home needs cleaning on its delicate surfaces, we can make sure it gets taken care of without any damage whatsoever. 

Our Soft Washing method allows us to dial the pressure back and still deliver amazing results with a careful selection of bio friendly cleaners designed to lift staining. This protects windows and siding during a house washing and ensures our team won’t void your roof’s warranty during our visit. 

When is it Time for a House Washing?

If your home has any combination of black spots, green algae-like growth, or discoloration, it is time for a house washing. Most likely, those substances are mildew, algae, bacteria, mold, or a mixture of each! Remember that each of these substances will only continue their spread if ignored. 

When is it Time for a Roof Cleaning?

Any type of new growth on your roof is also a sign that it is time for a roof cleaning. There isn’t a specific timeline that you must follow when it comes to scheduling a roof cleaning. Instead, we recommend monitoring these factors in addition to any new growth on your roof. 
  • Amount of rainfall
  • Amount of shade surrounding your home
  • Accumulation of debris
  • Accumulation of snow

Which Surfaces Does Shine Select Clean?

Between our standard house washing and Soft Wash methods, we can ensure the following areas are squeaky clean with no damage whatsoever:

House Washing
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum Siding 
  • Stucco
  • Wood 
  • Brick 
Roof Cleaning
  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Metal
  • Wood Shake
  • Slate/Tile

Why Should You Avoid Delaying Your Roof Cleaning and House Washing?

Don’t put off power washing your Gainesville, VA home! Here are five reasons to schedule your roof cleaning and house washing with Shine Select Today:

Maximize the life of your home’s exterior. Those black streaks that start appearing on our roofs and siding are unsightly in the short term and slowly wear away at our homes in the long term. Routine roof cleaning and house washing can extend their lifespan greatly depending on the conditions and moisture of your location. 

Stay allergen free. Mold, fungus, mildew, and algae are all allergens that can worsen your outdoor experience and even trigger symptoms indoors if the growth spreads from your roof to your attic. 

Boost curb appeal. After an exterior power washing, your home will look the best it has since the day you moved in!

Improve your homes’ energy efficiency. If a home’s exterior darkens over time due to algae growth, it will absorb more solar energy from the sun and heat up your home as a result. 

Homeowner’s insurance compliance. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers damage incurred to roofs. Damage may not be covered if your insurer suspects that it only occurred in the first place as a result of ignoring infestations or blatantly avoiding routine maintenance.