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Why Having Your Home's Exterior Cleaned Is A Smart Investment

Why Having Your Home's Exterior Cleaned Is A Smart Investment
Why Having Your Home's Exterior Cleaned Is A Smart Investment

Protect Your Investment

Just like cleaning your gutters or resealing your deck, having your home's exterior cleaned should be a regular part of every homeowner's annual maintenance. Even if it's not obvious to the naked eye, the exterior of your home takes a beating year-round. Everything from dirt and pollen to moss and animal droppings can collect on your siding, not to mention sun, wind, snow, and ice (depending on where you live, of course).

Having your house power-washed is the most effective way to ensure your siding— whatever material it's made of— stays in good condition. Moisture during the wet seasons can cause not only stains but mildew and mold, which can damage both painted surfaces and concrete if left to spread unchecked. Algae can grow in the crevices between siding panels or shingles, and moss on your roof can cause damage leading to leaks, ice dams, and more.

Getting your home's exterior cleaned at least once a year is an opportunity for a professional to inspect the outside of your house and let you know if anything needs your attention. Staying on top of this maintenance is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the nasty surprise of a big repair down the line.


Increase Your Resale Value

It's not only the current state of your home that can be improved by having your home exterior cleaned, however— it's the future resale value as well. Pressure washing restores the outside of your house to its most attractive state, making it look freshly painted even if it isn't. Not just the siding but the driveway, fences, and deck can be power washed, preventing damage and making everything sparkle.

If you're thinking of selling your home, curb appeal can't be underestimated. A good-looking house is much more likely to sell than one showing its years, and having your home power washed is much less pricey than having it repainted. But if you need a fresh coat of paint as well, the experts will tell you power washing is a critical first step to making sure your house's makeover stays looking fresh for as long as possible.


For Your Family

It may seem like an afterthought, but power washing can also significantly cut down on the allergens that make so many people miserable during the change of seasons. Studies show over 25 million Americans, including children, suffer from seasonal allergies each year, with pollen and mold being two of the most common triggers. These allergens stick to the outside of your home and can be circulated by wind and rain, even months after the typical season has ended— having your home's exterior cleaned can drastically reduce the presence of these allergens in your and your family's lives.


How Shine Select Can Help

Shine Select  is a local family owned business that specializes in roof, window, and exterior cleaning. Our service area is Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. The company started as a part-time venture, and after experiencing steady growth through providing outstanding customer service, Shine Select became a full-time business. We have the right equipment, products, and experience to guarantee a 100 % satisfaction with every cleaning project. It is our mission to provide quality service to every client, every time.

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